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Terms and conditions Hippehond wholesale (Dutch & English available):

Article 1. General terms and conditions
These conditions are for all the products and services as well as all the contracts that Hippehond has with customers. By accepting a proposal / ordering you agree to these terms and conditions. Only after a written approval of Hippehond you can make an other agreement apart from these general terms and conitions.
Only the agreed part of change will difference then from the general terms and conditons, and only for that order. Next orders and other parts of the terms and conditions will not change. All rights and agreements, as written in these terms and conditions and in any future terms and conditions from Hippehond will be apliable for any third parties that are working for Hippehond.

Article 2: Agreements and offers
All offers of the wholesale section of Hippehond are aplaible at that moment. Hippehond has the right to change prices, especially when necessery according to changes in laws, rules and or regulations. An agreement is only formal after the acception of Hippehond of your order. Hippehond has the right to refuse your order or to add certain rules and regulations to your order. When an order is not accepted, Hippehond will inform you within ten (10) days after we get your order.

Article 3. Prices and payment
All prices and services are excluding V.A.T., any possible other taxes or fees. The prices of all the products and services are in Euro's. Hippehond carries several brands. Any brand has his own minimum order and for any brand there's a notification on the deliverycosts and / or other additional costs.  All orders are delivered by DPD  or GLS unless otherwise agreed. For those brands that don't have shipping included, we will inform you of the cost before the shipment will be done. Payments need to be done in advance, unless otherwise agreed.
When the payment is not received in time, we will send you a notification. In case we don't get a reaction on this notification within the written time, we will arrange a company to deal with receiving the payment. (Inkasso Unie Eindhoven)The buyer needs to stick to the advised retail prices. Small changes for better psychological prices are allowed. Buyers can sell the products in their shop or webshop. Products can not be sold in marketplaces like for example E-bay. When the buyer doesn't stick to this part of the agreement, Hippehond will no longer make any agreement with this customer and this customer will be held responsible for any financial or other damage caused by not sticking to this agreement. Products that we will stop producing / offering can be sold in sale. Any other special offers and sales should only be done after the formal written approval of Hippehond.

Article 4: delivery:
In case of any situation where we can't deliver a product for a period longer then 30 days, Hippehond as well as the buyer have the option to cancel that part of the order. Then, both parties don't have any obligations in this part of their agreement.Any paid amounts for these cancelled products or services will be booked back on the account of the buyer. All delivery times that Hippehond mentions, are an indication. When delivery takes longer then this indication you do not have any right on compensation. The delivery of products will be done when the products are ready for shipment. Hippehond has the right to send your order in different parts. Any additional costs for these extra shipments will be for the account of Hippehond. Cancelling your order: when the buyer wishes to cancel the agreement, the buyer is responsible for all the costs made for this order. These costs include the shipment from the products to the Netherlands, the shipment back to the producer of the products, taxes and any other costs made for working on this order.

Article 5: property rights:
The property rights of the products will go to the buyer after the payment is done and the buyer has done all according to the terms and conditions. The risk and responsibility of the products will go to you at the moment we deliver the products to you.

Article 6. Intelectual and indistrual propertyrights:
You need to respect all intelectual and indistrual propertyrights on the products that Hippehond offers.

Article 7. Broken / missing items
You need to check your order to see if you received all products according to the agreement. In case any item is broken, wrongly send or missing, you need to let us know within five (5) days after delivery. You can contact us at

Article 8. Orders / communication
For misunderstandings, delays, communication defaults, defaults in the communication system through internet, the webshop, payments and order by the use of internet or any other way of communication between you and Hippehond / Hippehond and any third party, Hippehond can not be held responsible unless there's proof of neglection from Hippehond.

Article 9. Privacystatement respects your privacy. Any information given by you will be treated confidentional. We will never give or sell your personal information to third parties apart from the companies involved in delivering your order.

Article 10. Cancelling your order
Hippehond has the legal right to cancel your order or agreement when unexpected problems occur in the preparation for your order. In case Hippehond cancels your order you will receive a written notification. Hippehond can not be held responsible for any (financial or other) damaged caused to your business due to the cancellation of the order unless it's given the circumstances no more then reasonable. Unexpected problems: any situation where Hippehond is not in charge for, but wich influences the options of Hippehond to finish your order. Situations that our out of the control of Hippehond and where Hippehond does not have any influence or part in, neither by blaim, neither by cause, neither by law or traffic.

Article 11. Others
When you give us a written notification of your adres, Hippehond has the right to deliver all products to that adress unless you specificly request us to send your order to a different adress then the bililng adress. When Hippehond agrees (written / verbal / other) to any changes in these terms and conitions for a buyer, Hippehond has still the right to go back to the strict terms and conditions at any time. Any way of flexibel agreements with Hippehond on your terms and conditions at a certain time will never give you the right to deal with future orders in this same way. When any of these terms and conditions are in conflict with any law at a certain time, that term of condition can be ingnored and will be changed a.s.a.p. according to the specific laws that infuence that certain term or condition. Hippehond has the right to hire a third party to finish your order / arrange the requested services. As we import products from all over the world, there's a small change that products will have small colorchanges or differences in models.

Article 12: Legal system and jugdges
On all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements were these terms and conditions are made for, only the Dutch legal system is used. Conflicts will be solved between both parties whenever possible. When that's not an option, the Dutch legal system / judge in the area where Hippehond is (the town of Eindhoven, nearest court Eindhoven or 's Hertogenbosch) will come in.